Вышел патч 01 для SP2014 R2

Resolved Issues — Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 Patch 01

This section documents important resolved issues in Patch 01. The issues listed here are broadly categorized as Wonderware System Platform-level issues. This list is not comprehensive. Additional resolved issues are documented in the product-specific Readme files.

ArchestrA Service Bus and Multi-Galaxy Communication Issues

L00132684: SR 48910422: Logging in to InTouch with OS Group based security enabled for the Galaxy required an extended amount of time.
L00136063: SR 103133804: The configuration window for the ASB OPCUA Client disappeared when connecting to an Automation OPC UA Server.
L00136605: SR 33913773: InTouch managed applications were not activating all items from an OPC UA Server.

Resolved Issues — Wonderware Application Server 2014R2 Patch 01

This section describes issues that have been resolved in Wonderware Application Server 2014R2 Patch 01. These issues are listed by their Change Request (CR) number and any assigned Service Request (SR) number. The left column of the table shows the original Change Request in which the issue was identified. The Related Change Requests column lists subsequent change requests that are related to the original change request.

Original Change Request Related Change Requests Description
L00119440 L00133653
SR 103124254: Recreating a Galaxy from the cab file created redundant folders of deployed InTouch Applications on the Galaxy Repository.
L00120671 L00132022 SR 31711844; SR 48910371: A message was displayed that the OPCClient Target node could not be found.
L00126108 L00136278 SR 10916638: Objects could not be configured, deployed, or undeployed with customer GPO enabled due to insufficient permissions in the objects «…\CheckedIn» and «…\CheckedOut» folders.
L00126276 L00131581 SR 37113036: The description could not be defined for the scan group item error count alarms (scangroup.ItemErrorCntAlarm.DescAttrName).
L00129452 L00136409 SR 103128626; SR 103134169: Entering a DeadBand Value in the Field Attribute tab did not have any effect.
L00129575 L00132211 SR 103129209; SR 103131806: After importing a package file that contained area objects, some graphic files were missing.
L00130392 L00132202 SR 103129988; SR 103132058: A user could not gain access using a Smart Card and received the message, «User does not belong to any of the configured Roles.»
L00130716 L00135193 SR 19818424; SR 10417719: If a corrupted symbol was embedded in an object, it disabled the Symbol Editor.
L00131155 L00132335
SR 44710384; SR 12613067; SR 103133171: The System Communication failure alarm was activated even though no failure occurred.
L00131405 L00131406 Importing an InTouch View Application into a lower product version from a higher product version caused WindowMaker to stop.
L00131545 L00135690
SR 40215477: Using an RDP connection caused some values in an InTouch window to freeze.
L00131579 L00135191 SR 15317217; SR 10417719: Field Attributes occasionally remained in the initializing state, even when a script was trying to interact with the attribute.
L00131583 L00132245
SR 38910487; SR 19818538; SR 50810081; SR 22210159: MessageChannel GetTickCount rollover was causing connection reset and failovers.
L00131713 L00132744
SR 103131703; SR 49910007; SR 43110490: The Pending Change icon was shown for InTouch View applications, even though no changes had been made.
L00131752 L00131885 SR 51010032: When performing a CSV Galaxy load, an erroneous message about missing attributes in an object was displayed instead of an acknowledgement that the object had successfully loaded.
L00131793 SR 48910335: An error message was logged from WWCdi after checking in a template, stating that an invalid length parameter was passed to the RIGHT() function.
L00131844 L00132800 SR 43110407; SR 49410030: Platform names shorter than 14 chars were not displayed in the System Management Console log navigation tree.
L00132179 L00135192 SR 37113270; SR 10417719: The aaEngine sometimes failed to register reference calls, and valid references appeared with an invalid status.
L00132255 L00132348
SR 45110495; SR 47910035; SR 49410030: Importing an object into a previous version of Application Server worked with no errors or warnings, and resulted in some DLL files being changed.
L00132477 SR 22318648: Two systems were successfully time synchronized after drifting out of synchronization, but an excessive number of messages were reported to the OPC client. These messages were benign, but had the potential to fill the log.
L00132976 SR 52310005: When an object was deployed on a system running Microsoft Windows Server 2012, the AppEngine stopped working.
L00133054 L00133143
SR 49410032: When an object with the same tagname, container and contained name was created via a Galaxy load, the object could not subsequently be edited or deleted.
L00133154 SR 103132532: If a string UDA was empty, zero would be inserted into the Value or CheckValue columns of v_EventHistory.
L00133173 Creating a Galaxy did not succeed when Application Server was running in a VM on Microsoft Azure.
L00133458 L00134674 SR 103132521; SR 37510653: When provisioning was performed using the ArchestrA WorkFlow object, it slowed down the response time of the object.
L00133478 SR 22318522; SR 103130791: A Field Attribute did not show the correct value for the PLC unless the Buffered Data option was enabled.
L00133482 L00134870 SR 46110712; SR 103133232: The value of AppEngine attribute, Scheduler.InputQueueSizeAvg, was increasing over time.
L00133521 L00135441 SR 43110404: The auto-synchronize tags setting did not synchronize correctly when new tags were added, and objects with references to the new tags did not work.
L00133674 L00134613 SR 103134125; SR 49010033: Remote node deploy failed after Application Server was upgraded.
L00133708 L00133709
SR 43110414; SR 43110417; SR 49410052: A remote GR was occasionally unable to connect to the Application Server IDE, and platform status was listed as unavailable in Platform Manager.
L00134423 When multiple objects that use I/O auto assignment were imported, warnings about unresolved I/O references for some of the imported objects were sometimes displayed in error.
L00134427 During installation of a product that embeds the 2014 R2 version of ASB, Application Server would, depending on its version, either lose configuration, or always show as configured.
L00134499 SR 44710488: Object Viewer displayed incorrect values with Bad data quality for some Input.Value attributes and timeouts would occur.
L00134677 SR 51510460: While upgrading, platform deployment to a remote node failed.
L00134704 L00134850 SR 43110446: Redundant AppEngines stopped operating if the backup platform and AppEngine were not deployed.
L00134713 SR 20611434: Access was denied, and repeated error messages were logged from component ObjSyncMgr.
L00134716 SR 38910496: When the QueryObjects method was executed, the CommandResult always returned TRUE-SUCCESS.
L00134955 SR 103133241: In the Chinese version of InTouch, a Situational Awareness Library symbol did not display in published applications. Instead of the symbol, the message «Graphic not available» was displayed.
L00135002 L00136015
SR 103133094; SR 33913773; SR 23314780: InTouch managed applications were not activating all items from an OPC UA server.

Important: If you are using an OPC UA client with Wonderware System Platform (WSP) 2014 R2 P01, you must apply HotFix CR L00136605. WSP 2014 R2 P01 includes fixes to Application Server for this issue, but OPC UA client is a separate installation and is not included in the patch.

L00135073 The descriptions and Eng Units settings of inherited attributes were deleted when a new attribute was added to the parent template or a different attribute was deleted from the parent.
L00135076 L00135326 SR 43110442: After Galaxy validation, the Operations view did not sort objects correctly when the Status column was used for sorting.
L00135117 SR 43611211: After a reboot, one node was not able to see alarms from other nodes.
L00135136 SR 19713757: Multiple concurrent terminal service users were sometimes unable to connect to the Application Server IDE, and an error message stating that the clients could not be synchronized would be displayed.
L00135254 SR 103133437: Redeploying an object did not clear the Galaxy status flag that indicated that there were pending changes.
L00135424 SR 51010321: Choosing the Repair option from Setup changed the watermark for the Application Server IDE from 2014 R2 to an older version.
L00135466 SR 54010002: When using a Redundant AppEngine with an undeployed and unassigned partner, the following error was generated on each scan: «EventHistorizationShim SetHistorianDetail: System.Exception: SetRedundantSFMode call failed, error: Server name length invalid»
L00135553 SR 52410087: Reassigning objects in the IDE took longer than expected.
L00135651 SR 54010003; SR 45110540: During failover, the Logger listed an access violation for some engines. This could lead to other error messages, including communication errors, failure to connect to the standby platform for store/forward, and failure to get store forward redundancy attributes from engine.
L00135684 SR 52410673: An analog field attribute reading a double word from a PLC, with the first bit modified as a signed bit, would display 0 in Object Viewer instead of the actual value in the PLC double word.
L00135872 SR 103134042: Attribute descriptions in derived templates were lost when a change was made to the parent template.
L00135926 Changing one object sent all application objects that referenced the changed object into a warning state. To remove the warning state, the objects required manual validation.
L00136014 SR 51010375: Float attributes that used scaled Integer inputs were rounded.
L00136048 SR 31712856: A new Galaxy based on a backup cab file could not be created if the Galaxy name was 12 characters or longer.
L00136054 SR 103134004: The data quality for field attributes configured as Boolean or float occasionally did not update correctly.
L00136110 SR 103133825: Data change events for analog and Boolean area attributes were not being recorded in Historian and were instead triggering a warning in the log.
L00136169 SR 10417772; SR 103134440: After migrating a Galaxy from a previous version to Wonderware Application Server 4.1 (2014 R2), some objects were not displayed in the Model and Deployment views of the IDE.
L00136251 SR 103134082: ArchestrA Graphics disappeared from WindowMaker or WindowViewer after working correctly for a period of time.
L00136227 SR 103134493: Entering an IP address instead of node name was accepted for the Time Master node, which would then cause the Galaxy to stop.
L00136496 SR 103134462: The object description was propagated to the Historian, instead of the field attribute description, when the object or field attribute description was changed and the change was deployed.


Wonderware Historian Server 2014 R2 (version 11.6) Patch 01

Last revision: 5/27/2015

About This Readme

This Readme provides information about Wonderware® Historian Server 2014 R2 (version 11.6) Patch 01.

For information about new features, hardware and software requirements, product compatibility, installation and upgrades, and user documentation, see the ArchestrA® System Platform Readme, which is located in the root folder of the ArchestrA System Platform installation media.

Resolved Issues In This Patch

This section describes issues that have been resolved in Wonderware Historian Server 2014 R2 Patch 01. These issues are listed by their Change Request (CR) number and any assigned Service Request (SR) number. The left column of the table shows the original Change Request in which the issue was identified. The Related Change Requests column lists other change requests that are related to the original change request.

Original Change Request

Related Change Requests



SR 103130911: Historian Server 11.0 returns incorrect data from legacy history blocks.


SR 14812687: The following error message appears in the Logger: «Tag xxx.yyy failed to add historian after 3 attempts.»



SR 10916964: Ported hotfix L00131001 to Wonderware System Platform 2014 P1 for «Value validation failed» errors to Historian 11.5 P1.


SR 192111219: After a period of time, a subset of tags are reporting quality status as «IDAS overflow recovery.»


SR 14812717: Some replication tags are not being updated in the tier-2 historian.



SR 48910372: In the Historian SDK 2012, the GetTagInfoByName() does not return the tag key that can be used to restore values.


SR 45510703: Events sent from Application Server are failing when the description text contains a new line or non-printable character.


L00131603, L00132373

SR 22210152, SR 51310087, SR 51310145: This error message is displayed: «StartDataRetrievalQuery failed (MDAS handle; Error code; Tag count; Query handle)» and LogViewer has several messages requiring analysis.


SR 10917005: In Historian 11.0 P1, local summary replication data is buffered and not back-filling.



SR 14413867: Porting L00131201 to Wonderware Historian 2014 R2 P1.


After installing Historian 11.0, an error message displays in the SMC: «Server database version incompatible with this client version, Configuration Editor disabled.Fatal initialization error — unable to start. (Failed to open connection to configuration database).»


SR 52310001: Historian Server generates very large history block (store-and-forward) files.



SR 103132443: Fixed improper handling of history block patch, where this message was generated in SMC: «Client access point (StoreOriginalStreamValues for session <ID> returns error: error = 81 (Blocked by disk management)) [MPSDM01; HistStorageConnection.h; 290].»


SR 51810059: Executing an UPDATE statement using OPENQUERY causes this error: «ERROR: MDASOpen returned error code (1;error = 85 (Unknown exception)).»

SET Value = 0, QualityDetail = 192


SR10916887: In Historian 11.0 P2, storage data is being written into wrong history block.


SR 49410046: In Historian 11.0, can’t retrieve data from Trend, Query, and SQL. Also, a message about OLE access is generated.


SR 10917083: In Historian 10.0 SP1 P1, an event tag scheduled for daily is creating an event hourly.



SR 45711194, SR 10313074, SR 103132904: FastLoad ended unexpectedly with errors.


SR 45711187: In Historian 11.0, replication stops replicating data for some tags. To address this, TraceSubscribeTags trace ability was added.


SR 39911126: The Historian Client Trend display is sometimes showing incorrect traces.


SR 50410263: Queries are run, but do not finish. Also, aahStorage.exe is consuming 80-94% of the CPU.


SR 103133212: When tags are imported with alarms from InTouch, the alarm limits type is always «Up.»


SR 45711223: This message appears in the Logger: «Main storage failed to find history block.»


SR 46111026, SR 103132164: An error occurred and the log file is flooded with these messages:
«Client access point (StoreOriginalStreamValues for<ID>: last error = 1460. (This operation returned because the timeout period expired.)»
and “Client access point (Tag information not found for id).»


SR 48910569: The aaEngine component of the SMC Logger displays this message to indicate an exception:

«CListenEventProxy::RaiseEvent failed: System.Exception:RaiseEvent failed»


SR 52410191: In silent mode, aahITTagImporter does not import tags when an InTouch node already exists.


SR 51310431: Old history blocks from 2002, 2003, and 2004 cause this warning: «Overlaps in time with another block.»


SR 54010003, SR 45110540: There was an access violation on failover, failing to get StoreFwdRedundancyTCPPort attributes from the engine. Issues reported include: «Engine failover not reliable» and «some ETCs report <none> for alternate historian.»


SR 50410338: After an IDAS reconnects to the historian, slow-changing tags that are configured to use cyclic storage are not updating properly.


SR 48910620: The Historian SDK does not connect with a domain user account.


Resolved Issues — Wonderware InTouch HMI 2014 R2 (v11.1) Patch 01

InTouch HMI 2014 R2 (v11.1) Patch 01 resolves the issues listed in the following table. These issues are listed by their Change Request (CR) number and any assigned Service Request (SR) number. The left column of the table shows the original Change Request in which the issue was identified. The Related Change Requests column shows other subsequent change requests that are related to the original change request.

Original Change Request Related Change Requests Description
L00109132: L00135053, L00135176, L00135283 SR 103133305: After migrating an InTouch application from version 8.0 to 11, the text font shown on button graphics changed from System to Tahoma.
L00114924: L00131488, L00132071 SR 12611813: If ArchestrA security was selected for a managed application from the Galaxy and InTouch, the $AccessLevel system tag was reset to 0 when an attempt was made to change the password with an action script triggered when $ChangePassword = 1 and contained the $OperatorEntered and $PasswordEntered system tags.
L00116543: L00133546 SR 33811790: ShowSymbol scripts interfered with updates to an Embedded Alarm Client Control with any version of the Windows 2008 operating system.
L00122388: L00131431, L00131461, L00131960, L00132427 SR 38812110: The value of a tag did not get updated if there was an overlap with a Combo Box Windows control.
L00122952: L00132312 SR 24515708: An Alarm DB Logger error message «The statement has been terminated. String or binary data would be truncated.» occurred when the alarm buffer did not empty.
L00123461: L00135018 SR 10417006: A Remote reference (RTR) used for input animation showed an «illegal character in name» error message if an item name included a space, even if the name was enclosed within quotes (ACCESSNAME:»item name»).
L00123465: L00134514, L00135203 SR 41810078: An application window could not be moved between dual monitors during run time if it contained an ActiveX control developed with Visual Basic 6.
L00123501: L00125532, L00136382 SR 33913166: Switching the language of an InTouch application to a language other than the application’s base language caused the mouse cursor to flicker.
L00124290: L00126183, L00126298, L00130128, L00134742 SR 103127184: An orange icon appeared in the ArchestrA IDE when deploying an InTouchViewApp instance.
L00124372: L00134768 SR 33112633: Settings from the Windows Win.ini file located in the user’s profile directory were not used when WindowViewer was started on a computer running Windows Server 2003 R2.
L00128765 L00129312, L00133864, L00134090, L00134794 SR 45510819, SR 33913707: A selection halo remained around an ArchestrA action button after moving the mouse cursor off of the button.
L00129332 L00132002 SR 103129417: Descriptions of Factory Alarm appeared corrupted if localized to a language requiring multi-byte characters, such as the Cyrillic character set.
L00130122 L00131537, L00132513 SR 22210102: If a Windows short cut was used to start an InTouch application in WindowViewer with the Prompt user to restart WindowViewer option selected for the NAD Change Mode feature, the application updates from the NAD server were not implemented on the client nodes after restarting WindowViewer.
L00130285 L00130357, L00132824 SR 12612924: After upgrading to InTouch HMI 10.6.001, a Historical Trend display showed data in periods in which no data was collected. A Historical Trend display should show black gaps in the trend line to indicate periods without data within the trend interval.
L00130543 L00133726 SR 103129417: If WindowMaker was installed on a Virtual Machine (VM) running VMware Tools ESXi 5.0 that has not been upgraded to ‘Update 2′, WindowMaker became unresponsive when trying to save an InTouch window or other application-related data files. The source of the problem was a known issue with the vShield Endpoint filter driver that ships with VMware Tools ESXi 5.0. This driver is automatically loaded when VMware Tools is installed using the Full option, rather than the Typical default. If this problem is encountered while working within WindowMaker, it is possible that portions of the InTouch application may become corrupted because not all data is saved and the states of some application files are left unresolved.
L00130698: L00131114, L00131297, L00131529, L00132173, L00132295, L00135775 SR 103130881: When the Alarm Client control was configured to query alarms from multiple backup pairs, the configured text and background colors of the Alarm Client were lost during run time. The colors reverted to black text on a white background for all types of alarms.
L00131374: L00133124 SR 10417554: At run time, graphics using color animation to represent machine state did not update consistently. Also, graphics containing Value Display animation did not show complete analog values. Users were forced to refresh the application window to update the symbol’s color and Value Display animations.
L00131522: L00131600 Importing an ArchestrA symbol using the programmatic API utility failed with a schema error after changing the symbol’s original relative anchor point.
L00131744: L00135221 SR 40216125: The border color of the History Trend covered the entire trend surface after using the scooter control to update the current time.
L00131814: L00131593 SR 42010101: WindowViewer experienced memory shortages because of maximum allocations observed from UDDetailedHandleData, which was leaking global memory.
L00131828: L00131960, L00132576, L00132589, L00132801, L00133044, L00134708, L00135985 SR103130881: The IASGrid was not getting refreshed with new values after the user selected the Block button. Closing and re-opening the graphic hosting the grid resolved the problem.
L00132078: L00132967 In version 10.6 of InTouch, open pop-up windows with embedded graphics did not close automatically after the main application window was closed in WindowViewer.
L00132278: L00133618, L00133791, L00135214 SR 103132125: Lagging movement or delays were observed in the ArchestrA Graphic Editor when using a mouse to select multiple graphic objects placed on the canvas. The delays were observed when Wonderware System Platform 2014 was installed on computers running Windows 8.1 or Windows 2012 R2.
L00132372: L00134645 SR 45110418: After migrating an InTouch stand-alone application from version 10.5 to version 10.6 Patch 01, some users were missing if there was a mismatch between the number of listed users and passwords in the Password.bin file.
L00132409: L00133159, L00133160 SR 51010070: Opening a graphic with an embedded Trend pen control with either the ShowGraphic function in a script or ShowSymbol animation was delayed up to 15 seconds based on the number of pens recording historical data.
L00132496: L00132860, L00132908, L00136095 SR 15618685: New domain users could not log on with their Windows user credentials to an InTouch application secured with operating system-based security.
L00132598: L00136134 SR 49110209: Alarms from an area did not display after changing the query to another area because the FilterCriteria was not getting set when setting an alarm query from an ActionScript without opening the QueryFilter tab at least once.
L00132633: L00133273, L00133321 SR 49810012: WindowMaker closed or became non-operational after committing changes to a SmartSymbol with multiple instances of the SmartSymbol placed in many application windows.
L00132637: L00133772 SR 103132265: After the user selected an alarm filter, all alarms remained visible for several seconds before the filtered view showed only the matching alarms.
L00132654: L00133368 SR 103132359: The UserDefined1 Element Style located in the ArchestrA Galaxy Style Library did not apply the selected gradient fill during run time. A warning message appeared in the SMC log.
L00132733: L00133182 SR 103132375: The ScaleAutoPen() function in an action script did not automatically scale a measured value within the range of a TrendClient control if the script was invoked after trend’s initial duration. Values could be scaled correctly only if the script was run within the trend’s initial duration.
L00132903: L00134328, L00134466 SR 103132407: InTouch would be delayed by up to 20 seconds when a user logged in with OS security and the primary domain controller was inactive.
L00132905: L00135092, L00135181 SR 43911243 SR 103132453: After migrating a Galaxy from Wonderware System Platform 2012 R2 P01 to Wonderware System Platform 2012 R2 P02, some ArchestrA graphics showed a red X and failed to display with a warning message in the Logger that «OwningObject Change: failed to get new tagname from the hierarchical name.»
L00132907: L00133597 SR 22210155: Creating an Alarm Database and using stored procedures to grant permission to database tables and views failed when the connected user logged on as wwAdmin, wwPower, or wwUser. The stored procedures failed because the connected user was attempting to grant permissions to all defined database user roles.
L00132932: L00133998, L00134518 SR 103132494: The Alarm Client Control was unable to acknowledge alarms after a failover.
L00132959: L00133789, L00133958 SR 52310013: A .NET-control with an embedded custom WPF control would freeze after switching windows several times. This behavior occurred when the WindowViewer «in Memory Caching» configuration option was selected.
L00133071: L00133740, L00134010, L00135146, L00135147 SR 103132441: The AlarmClient.QueryFilters.DefaultFilter.FilterCriteria function did not work after an upgrading from Wonderware System Platform 2012 R2 to Wonderware System Platform 2012 R2 Patch 01.
L00133145: L00134347 SR 50310189: Shutting down a computer while WindowViewer was running caused the computer to hang with an error message that WindowViewer was «preventing Windows from shutting down».
L00133267: L00133790 SR 48910456: Alarm acknowledgement comments in the Alarm Control were prefixed with a «Std Ack» comment.
L00133276: L00135398, L00135418 SR 49910067: After upgrading from InTouch 10.1 to 10.6 Patch 02 on Windows Server 2008, user log on attempts failed on one terminal server node, while succeeding on other nodes.
L00133297: L00134711, L00134770, L00134784, L00135094, L00135777 SR 22210163: WindowViewer leaked large amounts of memory with windows caching disabled.
L00133386: L00133744, L00133989 SR 45110459: Editing an existing Accessname during a failover resulted in losing the existing failover condition in some cases.
L00133408 L00134345, L00134545 SR 50310189: The SMC shows logging event failures when the string length of tagname’s description in LogDataChangeEvent() method exceeded 271 bytes and the description was in a unicode character language.
L00133427: L00134919, L00134942 SR 103133256: The gradient frame of an ArchestrA graphic element did not display properly in run time.
L00133430: L00133619 SR 51010175: A pop-up window containing ArchestrA graphics that was opened with a ShowSymbol script did not close with the parent window when the parent window was closed with a replace action called from a datachange script.
L00133454: L00134943 SR 103132525: InTouch WindowViewer became non-operational occasionally when the wrong password was entered.
L00133713: L00134350, L00134393, L00134673 After applying Hot Fix L00130272, WindowViewer required 100 percent CPU utilization.
L00133809: L00134311, L00134574 SR 103132723: An InTouch application name that started with the letter «L» could not be started with a keyboard short cut.
L00134085 L00135375 SR 45510818: An InTouch application became non-operational after placing the History Trend w/Scooters and the Trend/Zoom/Pan Panel wizards in a window localized to German.
L00134332 L00134836, L00134952 SR 103132839: Historical alarm translations did not appear in the Alarm Client Control after changing the application language during run time.
L00134529: L00134765, L00135211 SR 44510511: Importing a localization XML with InTouch Managed application text failed with a logged message that the file was not a valid XML file.
L00134654: L00135182 SR 103132946: The Alarm Client Control did not show the correct time zone for historical alarms.
L00133713: L00134673 After applying hot fix L00131431, an application running in WindowViewer required 100 percent CPU utilization.
L00134767: L00135396 SR 103133104: After migrating a Galaxy from WSP 2012 R2 to 2014, symbols looks different in the ArchestrA graphic editor, WindowMaker, and WindowViewer. Graphic elements in symbols showed slight misalignment.
L00134770: L00134532, L00134567, L00134577, L00135059 SR 22210163: WindowViewer consumed memory when the cache was enabled and graphic symbols were opened and closed using ShowSymbol animation.
L00134844: None SR 103133169: Online help was unavailable within the Edit Symbol Scripts dialog box. A message appeared in the SMC log «Warning ArchestrA.IDE.Common Help window has not yet been created.»
L00134951: L00134309, L00135066 SR 46510316: When a non-existent InTouch tag was bound to an indirect variable for the first time, a «nonexisting_tag» error appeared in the Logger. When binding the same non-existent tag again, attributes of the indirect variable did not update.
L00134955: L00135640 SR 103133241: In the Chinese version of InTouch, a Situational Awareness Library symbol did not display in published applications. The message «Graphic not available» was displayed instead of the symbol.
L00134992: L00135256 SR 50610147: When using Danish alphabetic characters (for example: Æ, Ø or Å) in ArchestrA Area objects, alarms did not appear in the Alarm Control client.
L00134993: L00136005, L00136006 SR 49910134: After changing an alarm group query in the Tagname Dictionary, the Tagname Dictionary window disappeared and the changes could not be saved. WindowMaker had be closed from Windows TaskManager. This issue was specific to running InTouch with a 4 monitor configuration and did not occur using a single monitor.
L00135036: L00135151 SR 103133262: When alarms were acknowledged using the ArchestrA Alarm Client control, the OperatorNode field did not get populated. When alarms were acknowledged using the InTouch AlarmViewerCtrl (ActiveX control), the OperatorNode field was populated correctly.
L00135098: None After installing InTouch Version 11.0 and Patch 01, text did not redraw correctly when multiple text boxes overlapped each other.
L00135158: L00135228, L00135314 SR 103133410: Recipe manager scripts returned an error code of 0 when they could not access a recipe file.
L00135183: L00135222 SR 103133435: The Embedded Alarm Client control refreshed the display twice in succession after changing a alarm query filter.
L00135298: L00135419 SR 103133456: The Tab key did not work after the user clicked a button associated with the EnableDisableKey function and pressing the Ctrl+Alt+Del key combination.
L00135312: L00135852, L00135957 SR 49910144: An invalid reference on an object attribute was received when a symbol was embedded several times.
L00135386: L00135585 SR 40710052: A managed InTouch application produced a SMC log message when acknowledging alarms «CUserAuthenticator::IsSecurityEnabled—Using hard-coded «MyGalaxy» as Galaxy name.
L00135415: L00135612 The ArchestrA Alarm Client experienced delayed response times in an InTouch Modern application.
L00135423: None The online help from Wonderware System Platform 2014 R2 InTouch Application Manager or WindowMaker showed the message «*** BETA DRAFT — NOT FOR EXTERNAL RELEASE ***» in red.
L00135475: L00135618 SR 41810305: When printing to a test file, windows with «#P» in the window name did not print correctly. The «#P» characters were replaced with empty characters or numbers.
L00135477: L00136053 SR 41810319: Place holders were not removed when importing windows directly from an application folder.
L00135478: L00135679 SR 41810344: Running HideSelf on a pop-up window closed other windows that should have remained open.
L00135700: L00135914, L00135939, L00135940, L00136090 SR 41810363: When printing windows containing scripts, database entries, and link details to text files, random lines of Japanese text were missing from the printed output.
L00135759: L00136414 52410655: If the ShowGraphic method was called from a modeless window, the application’s behavior differed when the user pressed the «Enter/Return» button or the left mouse key.
L00135762: L00135958 SR 103134002: When converting standard InTouch windows to an ArchestrA Graphic from a Modern InTouch application, animations were lost if the window had cells.
L00135830: L00136031, L00136145 SR 52410728: InTouch did not display Vietnamese characters correctly.
L00135845: L00135999 SR 103134079: Fill animation did not appear correctly using the HorizontalPercentFill property set to 100 and the FillBehavior set to Horizontal.
L00135876: L00136285 SR 103133579: The Embedded Alarm Client Control’s GetItem method did not provide access to millisecond time stamp.
L00135903: L00136082 SR 103134083: In an InTouch Modern application, closing WindowMaker also closed WindowViewer.
L00135933: L00136124 SR 103134110: Graphics from instances in ArchestrA graphics could not be embedded.
L00135948: L00136179 SR 43611481: After applying hot fix L00134340, acknowledging alarms deleted the alarm comments.
L00136131 L00136341, L00136580 At run time, keyboard short cuts did not work properly from an input text box within a modal showgraphic pop up window. Typing the shortcut (i.e. Ctrl+A) in the text box showed the typed letter instead.
L00136340: L00136582 SR103134223: The GetPenValX2 method was not available in the .NET version of the ArchestrA Trend control.

Wonderware Historian Client 2014 R2 (v.10.6) Patch 01

Last revision: 5/15/2015

About This Readme

This Readme provides information about Wonderware® Historian Client 2014 R2 (version 10.6) Patch 01.

For information about new features, hardware and software requirements, product compatibility, installation and upgrades, and user documentation, see the ArchestrA® System Platform Readme, which is located in the root folder of the ArchestrA System Platform installation media.

Resolved Issues In This Patch

This section describes issues resolved in the Wonderware Historian Client 2014 R2 Patch 01. These issues are listed by their Change Request (CR) number and any assigned Service Request (SR) number. The left column of the table shows the original Change Request in which the issue was identified. The Related Change Requests column lists other change requests that are related to the original change request.

Original Change Request

Related Change Requests




SR 10917057 — HistClient — Workbook — 10.5: In Excel, data from ManualAnalogHistory within «Value based criteria (narrow tables) with Wide Format» formulas returned as text rather than as numeric.



SR 48910407: InTouch WindowViewer stops responding if you switch through windows that have HistorianClient Trend ActiveX control.



SR 24412807: View.exe leaks memory and handles whenever a window with an Historian Client ActiveX control is opened or running.



SR 51710015: Function MoveNextTag() does not work as documented.


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